Trunkcratepro Collapsible Portable Multi Compartments Trunk Organizer, Black


  • SIMPLY THE BEST – LeClassiqueShop, presents the highly anticipated, unique and EXCLUSIVE to the Trunk Crate Pro (TC-Pro) (Patented) brand. It is an Eco-Friendly professional grade, Heavy Duty Material trunk organizer with straps: Best for suv, car, truck, jeep, mini van, vehicles in Automotive Interior Accessories. It is hand crafted using premium highest grade Oxford Polyester material. This auto trunk organizer is available today for this amazing price.
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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 23.6 × 14.6 × 12.5 cm




Item Weight

4 pounds

Product Dimensions

23.6 x 14.6 x 12.5 inches

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Date First Available

April 16 2016



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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. 07

    by Henry David

    I tested 5 different ‘similar’ products and this one was by far the best.
    For the holidays I wanted to purchase one of these cargo organizers for a relative. I purchased 3 different options that had decent reviews. When they arrived I was disappointed with the quality and design of the items. I then purchased 2 additional products. One of which was the TrunkcratePro listed here. This was by far the best of the 5. I returned all the others and then ended up buying two additional TrunkCratePros. Although not the largest, this item has the best design features and quality of build. It was much sturdier than others (the additional bottom support items is a nice touch), and had non slip velcro on the bottom. Also can be used in full size or having one side closed into a cube shape. There are several items listed on Amazon which have the same style as this one, and two of those I purchased. But they cut corners using thinner materials, and lack of some of the additional support features. Hopefully I saved you all some time in reviewing. Only thing to keep in mind is that this the size is not as large as others, which makes it hold less, but an added bonus is that it being smaller is now more useful for carrying groceries into the house or kid toys, tools, sporting goods, coming , etc around. I’ve used this by carrying it down to the beach for picnics as well as leaving in the trunk to keep things from sliding around. Very versatile item.

  2. 07

    by Jeffrey Shultz

    Lives up to it’s promises
    (I qualify myself as a verified purchaser) Spent way too much of my Saturday researching and comparing organizers for my trunk. I did direct comparisons of at least ten different ones via Amazon and individual websites. There are so many that look so similar that one might assume they’re made in the same place and sold by different retailers. But upon closer look there are subtle differences.I chose this unit for its construction and materials (based on pictures), features, dimensions, color. It is exactly what I needed to carry sales materials in the cargo area of my RC350 (not a ton of space). Holds everything, has a place/pocket for everything, easy to pull out when not in use.The ONLY comments are that I wish it came with bungee ties (as a lesser quality competitor offers). But the $5 spent for those was no biggie. Secondly, I liked the idea of velcro on the bottom versus the serrated plastic squares found on competitors. I even read one negative comment that the velcro would mess up your carpeting. The velcro on mine doesn’t even stick to the carpet for me, so no worries there (hence the bungees), which makes me question the other’s complaint/warning.Like it…yup. Recommend it…yup….of course to say otherwise would question my ability to do comparisons.

  3. 07

    by Cool Mom7

    Keeping my trunk organized
    This organizer is working well for me, my 2016 4Runner needed something to keep my purchases from rolling around every time I go round a corner!Pros: sturdy, inspectored the stitching and corners, tight and well made. Should last me awhile. Also collapsible if I want to fold it. I like the handles, I can grab the whole thing and bring everything in the house in one trip!Cons: none, it’s a tote/trunk/organizer-does what it should….actually should have bought two, I have room for another.

  4. 07

    by crh

    Great gift and good to own!
    Five Stars: Gave my son two for his Yukon and he likes them and is using them. We just bought a new Rav4 and I wanted something for the back to keep the groceries from shifting around. Our son said he thought your organizer would fit the bill. Definitely happy with the product and with the customer service!I since ordered 2 trunk organizers for myself (the size means that 2 fit perfectly across the back of my RAV 4.)I got my 2 Trunk organizers and I love them. I have been grocery shopping twice since I got them and they are perfect. I hooked them together – then hooked them to the hooks on the side of the Rav 4 trunk area and they stay stable, etc. No more “stuff” rumbling around in the back! One suggestion…..I figured out how to hook the two organizers together – then using a hook in the middle of each – use the longer strap/hooks – to anchor them to the sides of the car. It might benefit customers if you included a simple sheet describing the various ways you can hook these together/to the car/ etc. Not sure if I am being clear…..but I figured it out easily….and maybe most people would. HOWEVER – my husband could not….just sayin’ Love him dearly and he is an engineer – but…..he was stumped by how to anchor these so they didn’t move around. Also – you need to know we live in an area close to the North Georgia mountains – so stuff moving as we take the curves is annoying! Also…..I love the ease of collapsing these – we came up to the mountains this weekend and I collapsed one, used one and we had plenty of room for luggage/cooler, etc.

  5. 07

    by Trisha

    LOVE this organizer
    LOVE this organizer. It’s HUGE! I clean houses and was looking for something to hold extra cleaning supplies. This thing holds a ton of stuff. The exterior has pockets for smaller items. I actually tried to put something too large into one of the pockets and it ripped a few stitches. I left seller feedback and they contacted me right away. They offered to send me a new organizer. A+ for customer service from this company. I would definitively order again and highly recommend this company for their superior customer service.

  6. 07

    by Allen Olivas

    This thing is awesome and durable
    This thing is awesome and durable!I got tired of all the work stuff flopping around in the trunk. This organizer definitely takes care of that issue. There’s enough space, compartments, and pockets to hold all my field tools, cabling, adapters, etc in one nice spot.When I ordered it there was a mistake and all I received were the compartment dividers. After a short email explaining the issue I received a prompt response from Robert apologizing and rectifying the issue by shipping out the organizer immediately. I was floored. Great job to this company!This is a top notch item brought to you by a company that truly cares about your experience.

  7. 07

    by Shelly Dee

    The trunk area of our 2017 Escape SUV didn’t come with a net across the back area, so groceries were falling all over, and even out the back when I autolifted the door. I tried several options to organize / stabilize and then saw and ordered the Trunkcratepro Collapsible Portable … is fantastic. I just ordered a second one and will have them vertically lined up in the trunk and still leave some room on the far right.The second Trunkcratepro arrived and works great side-by-side with the first one. The photo attached shows how I have them in the trunk. The two blue freezer bags on the far right show the space available for other items. I’ve gotten groceries twice using the storage units and they work perfectly. Was also great yesterday in placing a small plant from the nursery in one compartment and breakable stuff from Pier 1 in another. Also collapsed them the other day when bringing home long vertical blinds that had to slide all the way to the front (one seat put down). 7/1/18.

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